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BeoSound Moment

BeoSound Moment is a wireless music system with music streaming, radio, and bluetooth.

MoodWheel - one touch from the music that moves you

PatternPlay - follows your day rhythm

Integrated music service with Deezer®

Integrated internet radio with TuneIn®

DLNA (DMR) - Access to your personal music collection

Bluetooth for streaming from your mobile device

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DKK 6.995,00

BeoSound is B&O's answer to stereo systems and installations in general. If you purchase BeoSound, you get also the quality and Danish design which does not exist elsewhere. There are many versions of BeoSound audio systems: BeoSound 1 BeoSound 2, BeoSound 3, BeoSound 4, BeoSound 6, BeoSound 2000, BeoSound 3000, BeoSound 3200, BeoSound 9000, BeoSound Ouverture and BeoCenter 2..

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