Stereo system, Radio and CD Players

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Stereo system, Radio and CD Players

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Master Link products are systems which are directly connected to one or more speakers in rooms other than the main room. 
There is also the possibility that they can be connected to a TV from Bang & Olufsen. Moreover, they are always with connection of 
active speakers.

Stereo system for active loudspeakers have access to the BeoLab loudspeakers, e.g. BeoLab 5, BeoLab 9, BeoLab 4000, and 
many others. 

Stereo system to all loudspeakers have both access to the active beoLab loudspeakers and connection of passive loud 
speakers, both from Bang & Olufsen and other brands.

Radio/amplifier (receiver) includes BeoMaster 5500, BeoMaster 6500, BeoMaster 7000, and several others. 
CD. Various CD players used with the range of BeoMaster radio's from Bang & Olufsen.

Mini systems and transistor radios. Simple models are distinguished by the fact that they usually just plugged in, and with
impressive sound .