Beocom 6000 MKI handset, almost as new Maximize

Beocom 6000 MKI handset, almost as new

Completely renovated BeoCom 6000 that looks new with all exterior parts replaced. Most of the electronics have also been 
replaced so it almost is like a new phone. 
Must be used in connection with existing system.

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DKK 1.795,00

'Earphone coupling loss factor', 'receiver loudness rating value' and 'acoustic leakage' are technical terms that mean little to most telephone users. They are just some of the things that Bang & Olufsen test for to determine the sound quality of a BeoCom telephone. The enhanced sound of the BeoCom telephone range is the result of Bang & Olufsen's long-standing specialisation in the miniaturisation of high-performance loudspeakers. Every BeoCom handset contains a built-in pressure chamber loudspeaker that ensures optimal natural sound reproduction while minimising distortion and sound leakage. But Bang & Olufsen telephones are not only the result of theoretical calculations and complicated acoustical analyses, the final test is the human ear itself. A listening panel made up of people with an extraordinary sense of hearing provides the most crucial evaluation of BeoCom telephones.


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