BeoLab 7-1 as a soundbar for non-B&B TV Maximize

BeoLab 7-1 as a soundbar for non-B&B TV

BeoLab 7-1 is a 3-way active speaker with electronic crossover, 6 ICE power amplifiers, and a total amplifier power of around 750 watts. The cabinet is made of black lacquered aluminum and ensures the speaker units a solid foundation. The sound is classes over what we find in soundbar solutions in lightweight plastic or wood cabinets!

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DKK 3.995,00

Connect our package offer consisting of a BeoLab 7-1 with wall bracket, Connection Hub, and optical cable to your non-B&B TV. 
Everything can be controlled from your Samsung / Panasonic / Sony TV, because the hub can receive signals from other brands.
It can also be connected to a Bluetooth receiver so streaming music is also an option.
BeoLab 7-1 DIMENSIONS W x H x D/ WEIGHT. 100 x 11 x 21 cm/10 kg.