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BeoLab 3500 Loud speakers

BeoLab 3500 is an active link loud speaker that allows that one can listen to e.g. music from a B&O stereo, which for example. 
is located in the living room. Since the amplifier is built into the loudspeaker, can be played at a volume that is independent of the 
main room. It is also possible to listen to a TV show, e.g. news. 2 years guarantee.

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DKK 1.495,00

BeoLab are B&O's reply to speakers where quality, design and sound merge to create the perfect speaker. BeoLab exist in many
versions: BeoLab 1, BeoLab 2, BeoLab 3, BeoLab 4, BeoLab 5, BeoLab7-1/ BeoLab7-2 / BeoLab 7-4, BeoLab 9, BeoLab10,
BeoLab 2000, BeoLab 3500, BeoLab 4000, BeoLab 6000, BeoLab 8000 active speakers is a modern classic from Bang & Olufsen
and perhaps the most popular B&O speakers. It is a unique combination of beautiful design and superb sound.