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BeoLab 3 white

BeoLab 3 loudspeakers. Active speaker in compact body with impressive sound. Two-way system with acoustic diverging lens 
that ensures optimum spread of particularly high frequencies . ICE power amplifiers with a total amplifier power of 250 watts.
1 year guarantee. The price is for a pair of speakers. 
Brackets can be purchased.

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DKK 7.995,00

BeoLab 3 Active Loudspeakers Product Specifications

Market: Type: Introduced: 
EU 6891 2004-01 
GB 6892 2004-01 
USA-CDN-TWN 6893 2004-01 
J 6894 2004-01 
AUS 6895 2004-01 
KOR 6896 2004-01 

Dimensions Length 16,2 cm 
Width 13,5 cm 
Height 21,5 cm; 22,3 cm on table ring 
Weight 2,55 kg 
Cabinet finish Silver and black 
Power consumption IEC65: 20 W 
Typical: 7 W 
Stand-by: 0,2 W 
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 94 dB (stereo, pair) 
Power amplifier, bass 125 W, Class D, ICEPower 
Power amplifier, treble 125 W, Class D, ICEPower 
Long-term maximum output power 
per amplifier Bass: 220 W/4ohm 
Treble: 120 W/8ohm 
Effective Frequency range 50 - 20.000 Hz 
Crossover frequency 3.300 Hz 
Cabinet principle Double Balanced Passive Radiator 
Net volume, bass 1.5 litres 
Magnetically shielded Yes 
Woofer 101,6 mm 
Passive radiators 2 x 101,6 mm 
Tweeter 19 mm 
Directivity control treble ALT (Acoustic Lens Technology), licensed from Sausalito Works LLC 
Bass equalization ABL (Adaptive Bass Linearization) 
Input sensitivity (Power Link) 125 mV (88dB SPL) 
Input sensitivity (line) 125 mV (88dB SPL) - Auto switch on 
Switch off time (line) 3 min. 
Indicator LED for on (green), Off (red) or Protection (yellow) mode 
Operation Free, Wall or Corner position 
Left, Right or LINE switch 
Protection Thermal protection 

Power Link 1 (use Semi-Balanced PL cable type MKIII, or fully mounted PL cable) 
Mains 1 Switch Mode Power Supply; internal jumper for 220-240 V or 100 - 120 V 
Phono (line-in) Via PL using Line-to-PL adaptor cable, 5m, black, part no.: 6270856 

Market specifications: 
Type Market Voltage 
6891 EU 230 V 
6892 GB 230 V 
6893 USA - CND - TWN 120 V 
6894 J 100 V 
6895 AUS 240 V 
6896 KOR 220 V 

Base stand Included 
Floor stand 2165 Aluminium 
Table stand 2166 Aluminium 
Wall bracket 2167 Black