Financing your purchase! 

Best Buy, in cooperation with SPARXPRES offer a simple and attractive financing to your purchase. 
Apply for an interest-free credit of 1 , 2 or 3 years.

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It's easy! Complete the application form and press send. 

1. SPARXPRES treat your application and returns the answer to your application either by post or e-mail. 
2. Debt letter will sent to you, this should be signed either digitally using Nem-ID or with a physical signature. 
3. The digital signature using Nem-ID will return answer automatically to SPARXPRES. If you choose to sign with a physical 
signature, the debt letter should be returned to SPARXPRES with post. 
4. When SPARXPRES has received the signed promissory note, they will settle the loan amount directly to Best Buy and a 
notification will send to you and Best Buy that you can now shop for the loan amount. 

Then you are ready to purchace. 

12 months Interest-free
24 months Interest-free
36 months Interest-free

The loan may be redeemed at no extra cost . The above services are intended as a guide assuming that there are 30 days between the loan disbursement and payment of the first installment . Monthly and connection fees are included in the monthly payment. It is also assumed payment via BS. Returns acc. MFL § 12a.

Standard Cost Information : Consumer loans
12 months Interest-free24 months Interest-free36 months Interest-free
Credit Amount
40.000 kr.40.000 kr.40.000 kr.
Maturity12 months24 months36 months
 Fee3.525 kr.1.775 kr. 1.192 kr.
Special conditions
Just over 12 months 
Just over 24 months 
Just over 36 months 
Total cost of credit
2.300 kr.2.600 kr. 2.900 kr.
 Total amount to be paid to SPARXPRES42.300 kr.42.600 kr.42.900 kr. 
Annual borrowing rate
0,00 % fixed0,00 % fixed 0,00 % fixed
 ARP11,0 %6,3 % 4,7 %

Various other information
Costs, fees, interest, etc. per. 01/06/2015. 

Interest-free loans: 
• Yield per. md. is 0.00%, corresponding to an annual fixed borrowing rate of 0.00% 
• Monthly fee 25 kr. Creating fee is 5% of the loan amount, min. 600 kr. 

• Repayment is made via BS. If SPARXPRES is obliged to issue payment orders, a fee of 25 kr. Per. PCS. 
• Fee for agreement amendment 100 kr. Fee agreement change that requires drafting new documents 400 kr. 
• Fee for reminder 100 kr. 

Granting of loans require positive credit rating. 

Meets borrower not the loan agreement may SPARXPRES demand payment for any additional costs associated with the administration of the loan - including any collection costs. Default interest and fees added to the outstanding debt. Arrears per. md. is 0.42%, corresponding to an annual variable 
borrowing rate of 5.16%. Information about interest calculation, interest rates and fees, please contact SPARXPRES.

The stated fees can be changed at any time by SPARXPRES. 

Returns and redress: You have the right to withdraw from the credit agreement within 14 calendar days from the day the loan is disbursed. For further information on the withdrawal or the possibility of appeal refers to SPARXPRES website:

We do not offer loan outside Denmark