BeoSound 2 med SD-kort Se fuld størrelse

BeoSound 2 med SD-kort

Transportabel MP 3 afspiller med SD-kort. Enkel betjening. Tilsluttes hovedtelefoner og så spiller den. (følger ikke med) Inkl. ladestation. Måske et samlerobjekt! 1 års garanti.

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BeoSound 2 Portable Mp3 Player Product Specifications

Weight 90g 
Cabinet finish Polished stainless steel 

Flash Memory card Exchangeable MMC/SD, 128-Mbyte - gives 2-4 hours play time depending on type of coding 
Music files MP3, WMA 

Battery Rechargeable Lithium ion, approx. 8 hours before recharging 
On/off Acoustic indication 
SW Firmware updates via BeoPlayer 
Docking Station: external mains adaptor SMPS - 100-240 V AC 
Supported file formats: MP3, WMA 

USB for computer connection via docking station 
Earphones' mini jack 
Mains adaptor: charging battery via docking station 

System requirements 
One free USB port 
10 MB of available disc space 
Windows 98,Me,2000 or XP 

How much playable music? 
When used with a 128MB SD card BeoSound 2 allows you to download and store up to five compact discs for later playback. The SD card may be used as many times as you wish. The built-in battery gives you around 8 - 10 hours of uninterrupted use. Re-charging the battery is simply a matter of clicking BeoSound 2 onto its docking station. 

Connecting up 
The specially designed docking station provides the connection to your computer and also acts as a convenient power charger for BeoSound 2. 

Put it in your pocket 
BeoSound 2 has a form and a size that allows it to sit as easily in your pocket as it does in your hand. The keypad can be locked when you are on the move, and with no internal moving parts, you never have to worry about knocks and vibrations interrupting the music. 

Made to last 
BeoSound 2 is made to be carried around and built to last. Formed in stainless steel and hard rubber, it will withstand all the knocks that may come its way. Future software updates may be downloaded from the BeoPlayer Web site. 

Software compatible 
BeoSound 2 is created to be used together with BeoPlayer and Beolink® PC2, but will also function with Windows Media Player.